What is CBD body butter?

What is CBD body butter? 

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CBD body butter is a product that is slowly increasing in popularity among hemp users.  

As you can presume, this is a topical substance meant to improve the quality of your skin. Given that it’s made with cannabidiol, it should also provide some other wellness benefits.  

Nowadays, you can buy CBD body butter from various online shops. Furthermore, it is much better to purchase this product from stores that perform third-party lab testing 

In this article, we will analyze CBD body butter, its potential benefits, and drawbacks. Check it out! 


What makes CBD body butter so unique?  


Unlike some other cannabidiol topicals, CBD body butter is really thick. Its high viscosity can be attributed to certain ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter. Some body butters are whipped to create a delicate, more luxurious feeling on your skin.  By combining several substances, you're not only getting the CBD benefits but also benefits from other ingredients.  

Most hemp companies put body butter in flat tins, similar to the way traditional creams are packaged, while some companies prefer to use glass. The product is mainly used to rejuvenate the skin and address minor aches and inflammation. A lot of people use it for dry patches too. Cannabidiol can create a thick barrier that will protect you from harsh winter weather while simultaneously nurturing the tissue. 

You can use various types of cannabidiol oil for CBD body butter. Whether it's full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum oil, or isolate, each one of them can be infused into body butter to create this amazing product. 

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Like most other cannabidiol products, body butter will be as potent as the substance that you use. Pure CBD oil, without unnecessary ingredients, might provide the best impact. The substance is a strong antioxidant, and its application will stimulate numerous processes within the tissue.  


How do you benefit from CBD body butter? 


There are lots of reasons to use CBD body butter.  

The substance is much more than an expensive cosmetic product; it can also relieve muscle tension and reduce soreness. As such, it is an ideal hemp product for athletes as well as those who have physically demanding jobs.  

Based on what we know so far, here are some of the potential advantages of using CBD body butter: 

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  • Reduces minor soreness 
  • Relaxes muscle tissue 
  • Provides rejuvenation to the skin 
  • Hydrates dry patches 
  • Restores skin elasticity 
  • Helps remove makeup 


Keep in mind that different people will experience different benefits. Each one of us reacts differently to certain cosmetic products, and this might also be affected by the skin properties. 

The potential benefits may also vary based on the product that you’re using. As already mentioned, some of these ingredients may have a synergetic impact. The potential benefits may also vary based on the type of CBD oil that is used for body butter. 


How to get the best results from CBD body butter? 


In order to achieve optimal results, there are several things you need to know when it comes to administration. 

First off, make sure there is always some butter remaining on your skin. There is no need to forcefully rub it in. Furthermore, don’t be stingy with the quantity.  

As you can presume, your elbows, knees, and other similar areas will require much more body butter. These areas are especially prone to dryness and issues. You can apply the topical with broad strokes, but any technique will work.

Ideally, you should put CBD body butter after every shower. Once you’re done showering, leave some moisture on the skin.  

Do not dry yourself completely because body butter needs some water to be properly absorbed. Needless to say, some people prefer to administer the topical in the evening, as it will allow the product to do its magic overnight. 

Your routine may vary based on your needs. People who have extremely dry skin should apply the substance each day, especially before going outside. If you have oily skin, you won’t need body butter for moisturization all the time; every few days will suffice.  


What’s the difference between CBD body butter and body lotion? 


People are often confused when it comes to different topicals. While all these CBD products are applied to the skin and are meant to provide surface tissue benefits, they are far from the same.   


  • CBD lotion 

Although you might think that CBD lotion is a greasy substance, it doesn’t feel that way. It is very light, and your tissue can absorb it relatively quickly.  

CBD lotion combines water and oil, which is why it is much better for people with oily skin. This is better for skin, face, and for areas that are not that dry.  

Due to its high water content, the lotion will provide better hydration. It doesn’t require external moisture for optimal results.  


  • CBD body butter 

As already mentioned, butter is thicker and provides a feeling similar to that of a balm. You can almost feel its texture on the skin and, while it doesn’t absorb as quickly, it will provide a thick protective layer to the tissue.  

CBD body butter is not only better for dry skin but also for rough skin. Unfortunately, not all body butters are ideal for the face and other sensitive areas.  

CBD body butter should provide longer-lasting effects making it better for rejuvenation and addressing various issues. In a way, it allows you to better utilize CBD’s potential.  

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Are there any risks involved with CBD body butter?  


CBD items are made from hemp. This plant doesn’t have as high concentrations of THC as marijuana, which is why you usually won’t get high when using its products. Hemp body butter is especially safe as it won’t enter your bloodstream without a transdermal carrier.  

In terms of potential side effects, you might experience mild irritation. Cannabinoids shouldn’t cause allergic reaction, but this isn’t completely excluded.  

If you do experience any problems, make sure to stop using the product and contact your doctor if the issue persists.